Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Political Stance

I'm actually very naive politically. I don't know if I'm just lazy, but I don't know a whole lot. But I can look at people and see character, and I can look at issues and see the gist of them, even if I don't get all the details. We have come to a dramatic point in history, where things have never been more black and white. I'm sorry, but if you choose the liberal mindset, you are deceived, because it is dangerous, very dangerous.

I am convinced that the liberal mind is conceived in excessive prosperity and complacency. It is forged in the belief that one has the luxury of sitting back and choosing things that sound compassionate or open-hearted, or just sounds like one is more reasonable and open-minded, instead of seeing urgency and danger. It is not founded on reality.

Terrorists, who are forged in third world countries where most of the people are desperate and taught to hate us for our prosperity, and who may be right about the corruption it has produced in us, are not trying to teach us the error of our ways. They are out to simply kill and destroy us. They are not open-minded and compassionate. They are plotting at this moment whatever surprise attack they can conjure, which we've already seen can be cunning and unprecedented. 9/11 was only the beginning!

They also have at their base the exact same hatred that propelled Hitler - they hate the Jews and have a firm belief that America is run by the Jews. They are plotting every day how to spill our blood - our precious blood. Liberals will then say, to be open-minded, "but we are shedding their precious blood!" But this is the result of war. When someone declares war on you, you fight back. You have no choice. It's do or die.

Liberals are deceived because they don't recognize one basic truth: War has already been declared on us by a new Hitler! I can't believe the naive response to 9/11 that pervades our country. Now that it is past, many look back at 9/11 and put a nice bow around it and say, "how sad that this happened," and go on with acquiring material goods and being comfortable.

When the attacks of 9/11 occurred, war was being declared on us by the radical Muslim third world. We have no choice. It seems so stupid to me to disagree with the war in Iraq when we are already at war whether we like it or not! What will it take? It will take all of the liberals having their children beheaded by the terrorists who hate them. And that goes for the English and French and German westerners as well. Unless, after the beheading they say, "those poor terrorists must have it pretty bad back home. That's OK, I don't need kids."

I can hardly bear the naivety that I see, and the unbearable liberal slant of the media that helps to perpetuate it.

As for Republican versus Democrat, I can't believe that Democrats who prefer to be thought of as devout Christians, can't see the black and white issues: abortion, stem cell research on human embryos, wasting our money, defending the right of terrorists to kill us, homosexual marriage, etc. etc. etc. I can't even talk about this without getting livid! Voting Democrat because Dems cleverly exposed one Republican for his indiscretions, or one pastor who doesn't reflect the character of even half of pastors country-wide is ridiculous! There, I have said it. That is my stance. You can't change it, you just have to live with it, or just ignore me.

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