Monday, December 11, 2006

"Sexual Enjoyment...

without the union of souls is bestial; after it one experiences not a trace of noble sentiment but rather, regret."

Ludwig Von Beethoven


Trailady said...

Hmmmm, I've never known regret in regards to my sexuality- except that it took soooo long to embrace the gift.
(I was repeatedly preyed upon at the age of 10 by a male babysitter. That kind of set me off on the wrong foot as far as my sexuality goes.)

Sexuality is a beautiful thing. We need touch, warmth, closeness with someone within a meaningful relationship.
Christians tend to make sex a taboo, however, I can sin with my lips just as much as with my body thorugh gossip. Sin is sin- there are no degrees. I do not view sex as a sin- only the abuses of it. I think God established boundaries for our sexuality not to inhibit us, but to protect us from diseases. I've never had an STD, but I hear they are NO fun!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Yes, but you says, "without a union of souls." Ive' experienced that and ugh! I know, the struggle for me has also been to be able to embrace sexuality too. In that attempt I got sidetracked by sexual sin. Thanks for your comments.