Friday, March 03, 2006


I JUST WANT TO congratulate Will Smith for decent values, and a totally positive-to-the-max attitude.

I want to congratulate Cedric the Entertainer and Martin Lawrence for making the absolute most of what God has given them and bringing joy to thousands, millions!

Cedric is so funny to me I cannot even put it into words. He has had a little more maturity than Lawrence, yet - hats off to you Martin - in big Momma's 1 & 2, he has found a cleaner, not so cynical genre for his humor, more than ever. he has gradually shifted towards this!

Big Mommas is so funny, especially when she gets called on (while Martin Lawrence is her) to deliver a baby! Guffaws!

I met Will Smith 13 years ago in Minneapolis - a place where you never meet stars! He had a long entourage of cameramen and fans behind him as he came up to me. I was working as a temp at a private party for the Timberwolves. Little did I know that one of my favorite stars would be there!

We stared at each other - me thinking, "wha wha - Will Smith?" and he thinking god knows what. He had the strangest look, like - "I wish to God I was just a guy, a regular guy and we could go to coffee!"


Lacking Latin said...

I can't help but wonder if you are mistaking the charactor with the actor.

So has your site turned into a movie review page overnight?


Gabrielle Eden said...

No, tim. I have to confess, I just have gotten goofy over finding pictures on the net, because see, I have a laptop and now internet with my computer, whereas before I couldn't afford home internet and had just a regular computer.

So, I just started with this stuff and didn't know how easy it is to get photos, and then I had trouble with my photo thing on my blog. Still can't put an id picture yet of myself - need the URL, from another computer or site. Need some kind of outside source to put my photos.

Also, you may have noticed how I made a long list of movies I was praising, or criticizing, but realized that the most enjoyable, palatable way to read about these is one at a time with photos.

It is actually that I love film, I've begun the study of it, and just want people to know about films to see. I deleted any negative stuff about what I didn't like - tried to clean up the cynicism and anger. One must use restraint with words - very powerful and sometimes very destructive.

Thanks for visiting. This is very fun.

Gabrielle Eden said...

no, also,

I am strictly referring to the work that we see these people do in the public.

I do not claim to know Will. I just enjoyed the meeting.

I see a positive force in these African Americans.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Tim - you're just skimming and not really reading what I've said. Movies are a gift - a wonderful gift.