Friday, March 03, 2006

I AM AMAZED at I Am David

Imagine a movie with a story so amazing, scenery so breathtaking, and profound feelings and values all wrapped in one. It is perfect for kids, and totally enjoyable for an adult, as long as he/she parts with all adult cynicism.

It shows jim Caviezel on the front, but he is not the main character - guess it's just that you know him, and you know the kind of hims he espouses!

This film was so moving I put it on my list of favorites. A sleeper- almost didn't see it. PG 2003-it isn't going to totally shield a child from reality, but few films for adults allow themselves to be so optimistic.

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Trailady said...

I VERY MUCH enjoyed this film! Thanks for the positive review. Excellent and the ending was positively a surprise. Touching...