Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm sorry - I got taken over by anger...

and I hope I didn't hurt anyone. Sometimes evil just stirs up the fiercest anger in me, yet, if we try to attack with anger in our own flesh (our sin nature - in this case, pride, because I am thinking "I can do this all by myself"), we are attacking spirits with flesh, and oh boy!

I just got the back hand of that in the last couple of days! We need to walk so carefully in these blogs. Many many are watching, reading.

I am searching for people who are hungry and thirsty for God, as I am. I don't want to hurt anyone with words that may cause confusion or damage.

I didn't mean to attack Carrie and Deborah from King Of Queens and Everyboy loves Raymond so much. It's because I have loved these women and the characters of their shows so much that it hurt me deeply to start to notice a pattern of abuse coming from them towards their husbands, who may behave stupidly but are loveable. It may be that we women have trouble with being self-righteous and that we get into anger far too often, due to hormones, not to mention, just things in life.

But women that we create for the screen ought to be larger and better than life. I am just looking for some purer, sweeter, and at the same time creative and funny women to emerge more than we have seen. There are many female role models that just aren't positive for our young girls, and that's a sad sad fact.

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