Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Love Being A Girl!

A store for women featuring polka dots, ruffles, and everything cute and feminine.

It will include dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, tops, shorts, pants all in feminine styles - and nothing that is vampy or unfeminine will be in the store.

It will include items for female pets - dogs, cats. ferrets, etc.

it will include items for children, teens, women and anyone who is decidedly female.

It will include bags, in many feminine styles.

Shoes - in feminine styles.

Hats - in feminine styles

There will be items for the kitchen and the bathroom, etc. - all with the theme of that which is feminine.

The employees will be: one teenager, one adult woman in her twenties, one in her thirties and one is her forties, one in her fifties and one in her 60's and beyond that if a retireee wants to work there - what the heck, let her!

There will be men working there in regular shifts who have a particular flair for relating to women, and who have a deep respect and fondness for women. Applicants will have to be turned away because of the overwhelming volume of men applying for this position.

The proceeds will partly go to Exodus-International, and partly will be used for a coming out of the gay thing by means of women's retreats to do fun, feminine things - makeup sessions, massage sessions, etc. and for retreats to shop for feminine clothes at the store and to do lots of feminine things - sewing, quilting, baking, etc. etc.

This is both an Eden original business idea and ministry idea.

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