Sunday, March 26, 2006


It is a worthy subject to contemplate the degree of "evangelism" amongst Jews to bring others into their faith. We seldom realize that this did happen even before Christ. It didn't happen as much because the Holy Spirit that came upon the early ones was the reason for the passion of evangelism. Yet, isn't it cool that Jews did consider it important to share their faith and help others "become" Jews as well?

P.S. Notice how I have learned to share things in short, pithy thoughts lately? It helps my readers to have these because of the speed we all have to live in.


Trailady said...

My favorite form of evangelism is 'Friendship Evangelism'. It is less invasive than traditional pamphlet & proof-text methods used by most churches. For example, you have blessed me just by reading your blog. You have impacted me. That's a form of evangelism. Cool- huh?!

David said...

Oooh, Gabrielle, I enjoyed the post, but that last part really hurt! I've been told my posts are too long. Do they have to be so short and pithy?