Tuesday, March 07, 2006

American Pastor Caught Selling Timeshare In A Nudist Mexican Resort

CAN CUN, MEXICO-Pastor Hans Nelson, of Faith Bible Church, Minneapolis, was found unexpectedly, by some visitors to a remote nudist timeshare resort in Can Cun last Tuesday. The visitors had attended Faith Bible and recognized the pastor right away. Concerned that he was acting covertly against the wishes of his congregation, the young man and woman, who asked not to be identified, contacted other clergy members of his church.

"I am embarassed," Pastor Nelson said. "I was only trying to raise more money for the church. We are having financial difficulties and I was selling timeshare partime in Minneapolis for a local resort company. They let me know about an opportunity in Mexico and I took it - good money and all. That job was not at a nudist timeshare. Once I got to Can Cun, I was told that nudist timeshare pays seven times as much.

I was only trying to make as much as possible, and thought, well, it would be an experience of life in the Garden of Eden, after all. I'm sincerely sorry if I have hurt any of you," he added. "Please contribute," the pastor said.

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Lacking Latin said...
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Gabrielle Eden said...
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Gabrielle Eden said...

A commentor and I got into an inflamed thing and then I deleted his comment. He asked me about this post. I can't remember exactly what but I told him that I just thought it funny to think of a pastor feeling so desperate for cash for his church, that he innocently goes to make more money in Mexico and then finds himself in a nudist timeshare because it makes more money.

it's funny in that it is all too real - how we might be trying to do something good, and find ourselves doing something we don't really believe in.

This is a fact - in Satan's economy, nudist timeshare pays 7 times more than regular timeshare. I worked in timeshare for a year.

I said he's not doing anything really wrong, except for being in a place of temptation.