Friday, March 03, 2006


A lovely film - suitable for children, great for adults. Michael Caine and Robert Duvall(who I adore) humble themselves to play doofey old men. So cute. Loved it. Rated PG.2003.


Trailady said...

AWESOME film. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole story. Very well done and gives me hope that there really is life after 40. Nice to know you can be spunky and active beyond middle age.) :o)

Gabrielle Eden said...

I'm sure that many people my age would never ever go back - not for anything. They love the progress they have made, but would also love to have that coupled with their younger bodies.
At the same time, would I want to go back to all the men who overlooked me for my "beauty" and all the women who were jealous? (You had to be a contender, baby.)
To be insanely happy is better.