Saturday, March 04, 2006


Here is one of the foremost influences on my young life as a girl growing up in a small northwestern-Minnesota town in the 1960's.

Hayley Mills. She embodied everything good about girls. She is smart, She is funny and fun loving. She likes boys but they aren't the most important thing in her world. She can do anything she wants with her life and nothing is going to stop her.

I believed wholdheartedly in those things. This film, which also appealed to my love of cats, came out in 1965. We were still in balance. Along came the revolution of the late 60s- drugs, wild unwelcome sex, and feminism. Many good ideas, hopes and dreams - crushed. Everything good that was beginning - women having more independence and confidence was taken to an extreme - a maniacal extreme!

Think about it! Great movie even though it's dated. Great cat!

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