Sunday, March 05, 2006

ONE GREAT LADY ANDIE and my all-time favorite film

This is one of my favorite actresses, and for good reason.

She is not only beautiful, she is a total individual. She has a unique smile, and she can be funny with dignity. She embodies strength with such femininity. I doubt we'll see the likes of her again or for a while.

She is in my all-time favorite GROUND HOG DAY with Bill Murray and is perfectly cast in a film full of loveable characters. I have watched the film maybe thirty times and will watch it again.

I've read plenty of reveiws and have heard others say they too want to watch the film over and over. I realize now the reason is the LOVE that is happening in the film. You feel the love as you watch it and want to be in the atmosphere of the film.

The film involves mostly just people - American, small town people on a special celebration day in winter - February 2nd, a day when most are as weary of winter as they can possibly be, which is probably more popular a theme for a Minnesotan than for anyone, and another reason I can relate to it.

It shows the weakness of one man who is just about to lose his youth, is tired of humanity, is just as tired of himself, has no hope, and who hopelessly longs for a relationship with the effervescent and brilliant Andie MacDowell.

He is lost in a Twilight Zone episode, which is similar to the episodes that I have been thrust into by Satan. I have truly lived a similar, terrifying Twilight Zone many times in my life. For this reason the film holds a special charm for me that I don't think it could hold for even the many viewers who have watched it over and over, unless I am mistaken. Unless, many Americans such as myself have lived in different versions of Twlilight Zone even if mine have been more truly surreal.

The most important reason I love the film is that the JEWISH filmakers believe in the outcome - they believe in the triumph of the man's inner soul to transcend his own evil, the triumph over evil in general, and that one day, the man will awaken from the Twilight Zone that has been his life and will find every loose end tied, and the beautiful soul-mate of his dreams lying right beside him. This is the same outcome that my life soars towards despite the evil that still follows at my heels.

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