Sunday, March 12, 2006

HMMMM Plenty of Trains and Autos LEAVE Minneapolis!

Hardly a funnier movie was ever made - Planes Trains and Automobiles with beloved John Candy and Steve Martin. This is a beautfiul portrayal of love between two men.

It is a story about learning to get along and learning to love another person in spite of their faults.

And, I have hardly ever laughed so hard at any movie. John Candy is a total laugh riot. My sister says she wearies of this kind of story, where everything goes wrong, but that's only if you take everything that goes wrong seriously. I told her - this is a COMEDY. It's a spoof on life. That was just a defininition for Minnesotans. Spoof on life=funny! That's usually what it means.

The movie is rated R because of one scene where Steve Martin uses the "F" word too much, and made in 1987. It is becoming a timeless classic.


Trailady said...

It was a very funny movie. Especially the scene where they are forced to share a hotel room. LOL

Gabrielle Eden said...

I know, I love that scene. Those aren't pillows!