Friday, March 03, 2006


Here is a first. It's the beginning of Christians making films about the Christian life, without just a visit to the gospel crusade. Not that I don't like billy Graham movies. But this is a departure - a refreshing departure from that.

This is from the heart and soul. and funny? Tyler Perry using the fat, old black woman is not old - his version is entirely wonderful.

My jaw was dropping. I had planned to walk out. Drama intense and meaningful, and humor, a good depiction of the faith, and good actors. Kimbery Elise is amazing.
Not for kids. PG-13, 2005


Lacking Latin said...

I disliked that movie very much, though; I thought the acting was poor, it didn't seem like it went anywhere, and I couldn't believe the actors were being themselves- it was all very much an 'act' to me. But to each his own, right?


Gabrielle Eden said...

I agree with that in the case of the young man she finds. He is so stilted, and seems uncomfortable in his own skin. He is in some kind of show on TV.

But what about Kimberly Elise? I was impressed.
I still think, despite what you say, that this is a forerunner.

You may have a few issues with Christians too - but I can understand any frustration there.

Lacking Latin said...

I see you aren't aware that I am a christian, neither protestant nor catholic, but seeking to follow the rleigion that the apostles practiced, and that the messiah taught; a religion that has largely been corrupted by the world that it is within, starting on it's path towards demise with constantine, and making an atempt to turn around with Luther, but ultimately failing. Are you aware Luther was anti-semitic? And that he wanted to throw out the book of James?

It didn't work with his theology that faith alone saves.

See, while it is true that we do not save ourselves, it is our faith in the one who saves us- we know this, clearly spoken in Romans and laced throughout the NT, what James tells us is that actions flow as a natural consequence of faith- if we really beleive in G-d, we will find that we start to desire to pursue him and what he seeks.

My issues with christians in this movie is that it cheapend christinaity, not upheld it. They tried to make it seem like sex is the only barrier before marriage in christianity, but a strong christian would know to flee from temptaiton, to avoid the appearance of evil, and to not arouse those passions until it was time. His christianity is splintered. Further, no true follower of the messiah could be attracted to a woman so obviously caught up in the world and her emotions- he expirienced a lust of the flesh, I would think.

This is a harsh critisizm of the film, and I am not completely decided on all the points. But when I had watched it once, these were the things I felt about the film.


Gabrielle Eden said...


believe it or not, I DID mean that you are a Christian.

I just want to say, that at this juncture in my having a blog, your responses call me to listen to you.

I am not throwing out what you are saying.

It's not about entertainment, Tim. This is a religious spirit. We are in a strictly disciplined life - me, the filmakers of that film, and you.

I am searching for scriptures to share with you. But the enemy is coming against the mind as all this emotion is played out. Be patient. I didn't read this comment before questioning you in the comment after the Walmart post, about what you were against re: sex in this film.

You see, they are promoting an inner strength - not exterior forms and fashions that are religious, though, there may be some godly, healthy ways for pre-married couples based on what you are saying.

There have been books written on this - on how couples can have safer dating experiences and there is something to that.

So much more to say - we try to say it, as you said, without tone inference. That is why I am at a point of more thought about blogging.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Also, Tim, there was nothing wrong with your comments after that stupid gynecologist post, now deleted, or that one after the post about the pastor selling timeshare (perhaps also stupid)

I only deleted those because of the other comments, the ones after the Walmart post, and was so upset by those, and overwhelmed by the demonic, that I got rid of them.

The only thing I disagree with is trying to lash out at Christians for not being as holy as you.


Gabrielle Eden said...

I also want to add...Tim it is wonderful that you have the innocence of childhood still with you, and that you haven't given it up.

God loves the innocent and innocence, but jesus has not given innocence as the source of redemption. Only His blood and His Holy Spirit. How could He otherwise? how could innocence be our only way of salvation?

No, God has not put those who have lost their innocence in the dog house for life.

This is what religion teaches. It teaches never having touched, never having tasted, never having heard, never having thought anything evil. it also teaches you that YOU must make sure you never touch, never taste, never see, never speak, etc. In so doing you can fool yourself thaat you have attained to something that you have NOT. I am fiercly angry at religion, because it kills.

I am overjoyed to find Christians who agree with that, like Tyler Perry and Kimberly Elise and Pastor TD Jakes - those behind this film. You need to understand that God's people are God's people and are being led by His spirit.

And what then if you lose innocence? you are condemned for life? There are those who are teaching us to trust innocence over the work of the cross.

What about Paul who said he is the "chief of sinners?" He trusted not in the fact that he had never killed, for he killed God's very own people, but in the saving work of the cross and the grace of God alone. And if you read his writings carefully FOR YOURSELF, this will come more and more clear to you.

For you, and those your age, for the young, for children, there ought to be more chaperoning and the like. We should defend and protect the innocent.

But the two people the film is about had both lost it. Both had had sexual relations - she with an abusive man, which probably altered a pure perception of godly sexuality. We are left to wonder about him, but he says he had a girlfriend before her and most likely we are to assume he has made some wrong choices with regards to sex.

They meet and they date. They are not children but full grown adults whose coming and going are not monitored by adults. They can do whatever they want. They can make horrible choices.They choose to do right.

For them, there are no bars or controls that would suffice to cause them to do right other than what they choose. They choose to be together and enjoy each other's company, and as she said, "he gave me something greater than sex. He gave me true intimacy" pointing out the beauty and importance of intimacy of the soul - touching someone's mind, touching someone's spirit.

I was so refreshed.

As for my friend Dominick. We do not share spirituality per se.

He is at this time - looking for God, asking questions, etc. i have known him all the way back to when I was wandering in the dark and when I started to seek God. I found he was not a hindrance. I was careful to measure if he was harmful to my relationship to Christ.

On a friendship level, you don't have to be in the same place spiritually - like you need in a romantic relationship, where you need to share a lot of maturity in Christ and a commitment to love and serve God.

I love him like he was my brother - a brother I keep praying for and believing for, to come into a strong realtionship with God.

See, there is still so much to find out.

Gabrielle Eden said...

The world needs and longs to see human beings who are actually broken - broken of their stubboen will, broken by their lessons like a jar of clay - broken open so that the rich life of Jesus can flow out like a sweet perfume.

We don't need more religion. Jesus warned against the leaven of the Pharisees - what is that? It is anything that is like the pharisees and what were they? They were self righteous, keepers of the law, haters of God.

if you get a little of that in you, like leaven, it grows and grows.

Get it out. Being a pharisee means being an enemy of God. the greatest enemies of Jesus were the religious of his day!

Remember the passage in Matthew where Jesus says that your adversary will hand you over if you don't settle with him on the way to court?

Well see, the devil is the adversary accusing you and taking you to court - he knows that law. if you don't settle early with him that you will live by faith and grace, he will hand you over to the judge and you will not get out until you have paid the last penny,
so to speak.